MCH Rosasharn B'Udder Boy *S (AGS)
Rosasharn B'Udder Boy *S
DOB: 03/22/00

Color: Light gold

2005 ANNDA Specialty GCH Buck-
AGS Nationals

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S E
SS: ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree ++*S SD: Goodwood Guadalupe 4*D

Dam: Stonewall's Baby 'Uddercup 2*D
DS: Brush Creek Shiloh +S
DD: Goodwood Rosa parks *D


'Buddy' was a buck I purchased as an older buck after he had been sold several times over the years. I was looking forward to not only having his genetics, but to showing him also--but alas, due to injuries he had when I got him, that was not to be the case. Also, he seems to have limited fertility as an older buck, and his kids here have been very sparce, although valued!

I currently have 4 Buddy daughters kidding this late winter/early spring 2010, and so far, the first two have lovely fore udders, nice attachments and adequate length on teats for first fresheners. I look forward to the next two girls to freshen, and have 2 jr. daughters who are not yet bred. We did breed him again to does this year, but so far, none of those pregnancies seem to have taken--waiting to see on the last doe if she took.

We are grateful for the kids we do have out of Buddy, so look for his daughters and granddaughters in our herd. Buddy is sired by ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +S 'E' and his dam is one of the foundation does for the Rosasharn herd, Stonewall's Baby 'Uddercup 2*D AR1559!


Twin Creeks WB Hero of the Day*S
Twin Creeks WB Hero of the Day *DS 22.5
DOB: 01/20/02

Color: Gold with random white markings

Sire: MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +*S E
SS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood +*S
SD: Goodwood Bejou merry *D

Dam: Artist's Eye Kaleidoscope *D
DS: Ponders End The Full Monty
DD: Ponders End CR Chardonnay

'Hero" was one of the starting bucks from me, bred by Kellye Bussey (TX Twin Creeks Farm) and purchased from Dawn Hurd (Simple Pleasures). I am ever so grateful to Dawn for selling me Hero--he is a big 'lover boy' and will be one of the last goats here.

Hero has made a lasting impact on my herd and others, has one son who is a PGCH buck with NDGA, and multiple other kids with many show wins in the junior and senior divisions. Hero is also sire to the 2008 AGS National Champion Buck-DF Farms HD National Hero (aka Nate)! Hero's littermate sister is also an accomplished doe, being a finished champion doe in AGS/ADGA (MCH/PCGH Twin Creeks WB Fanciful), and also with wins in NDGA. Of course, Hero's sire is the incredible ARMCH Goodwood Wiesbaden ++S 'E'--who is the sire of 8 AGS MCH offspring as of early 2008, and multiple daughters with milking stars!

Hero himself is a wonderful buck who continually produces wonderful kids who are structurally correct, and he was taken out of retirement as a 7 1/2 year old buck to got ot a show to help with buck numbers--shown in the AGS show, he was Grand Champion Buck!

Hero's 'the man' and you can tell I'm proud of him! We've got multiple kids/grandkids of his here, and we love them!


MCH Creek Road Jefferson Davis (AGS)
Creek Road Jefferson Davis
DOB: 02/01/03

Color: Fawn w/white spot on head & belly

3X Sr. GCH Buck-NDGA

Sire: MCH Goodwood KW Dallas *S
SS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S
SD: MCH Goodwood Tahoka 3*D

Dam: Creek Road Betsy
DS: MCH Piddlin Acres Blue Thjnder ++*S VG
DD: Goodwood Tator Tot

'JD' is a wonderfully long-bodied buck I got several years back - who looks like a 'big ole boy',  but when you put your hands on him, he is oh so dairy!! JD produces long-bodied wonderfully dairy type animals, all with incredible general appearance and 'show ring appeal'.

You can visit Teena Bagwell's site to see his daughter, Brownie, at http://www.gypsymoonnigerians.com/Does.html  The doe's name is DF Farms JD's BrownEyedGirl.

We own several of his offspring and he puts long milkable teats and soft dairy udders on his daughters, along with an added bonus if you like to show...his kids do great!!

Although JD suffered a leg injury here that makes him no longer showable, we look forward to more kids in the future. JD may possibly be available to a new home in the future, so if you are interested, please feel free to inquire.


DF Farms HD National Hero
AGS DF Farms ND National Hero
DOB: 11/11/04

Color: White with random red/brown markings

2008 AGS National Champion Buck
ANDDA Specialty Show winner-
2008 AGS Nationals-GCH Buck
2X RGCH buck-AGS
2X GCH buck-AGS
1X Res Jr.GCH buck-NDGA
2X GCH Sr. buck-NDGA

Sire: Twin Creeks WB Hero Of The Day *S
SS: ARMCH Goodwood Weisbaden ++*S 'E'
SD: Artist's Eye Kaleidoscope *D

Dam: BRB Aroura Sky
DS: Flat Rocks Lowell Pierre Davis VG
DD: Twin Creeks Hawk's Sun Fire

'Nate' , as we call him, was Bill's goat from the beginning - they were barn buddies, and show buddies. As a youngster, Nate was shown against the big boys and went 2X AGS Reserve GCH Buck, also won a Reserve GCH Jr. Buck with NDGA.

We sold Nate out of state, and lost touch with him for a bit. He was resold, and the folks who purchased him put him back in the show ring, and we were thrilled to learn that he had been shown at the 2008 AGS Nationals and was the National Champion Buck! Also shown again at another show in 2008, he won another AGS GCH leg, along with an NDGA Sr. Buck GCH leg. Nate also went to the NDGA 2009 National show weekend and was able to pick up another NDGA Sr. Buck GCH win!

We look forward to Nate's kids here with us, and hopefully to being able to get him finished in AGS or NDGA (hopefully both!)

Many thanks to Shea and Leah Odom for letting Nate come back home.


DF Farms JD Civil War
DOB: 04/01/08

Color: Brown and White

2X Res. GCH Buck-AGS
2X Jr. GCH Buck-NDGA
2X Res. GCH Sr. Buck-NDGA

Sire: MCH Creek Road Jefferson Davis
SS: MCH Goodwood KW Dallas +*S
SD: Creek Road Betsy

Dam: Adams Funny Farm Savanas Glory
DS: Artist's Eye FM Cisco
DD: Adams Funny Farm Lil Miracle *D

'Cid' was retained as we wanted a possible replacement for his sire, and we loved his dam's udder! Cid has also excelled in the show ring, as we have come to expect from JD's kids. We love showing Cid, and will continue to do so for as long as we own him.

Cid produced his first kids in 2009, and they were very nice. Cid is currently for sale as we are downsizing bucks and we still own his sire, but he will be bred and continue to shine while he lives with us!


DF Farms HD ComicBookHero *S
DF Farms HD ComicBookHero *DS
DOB: 11/21/08

Color: Chamoise

2009 NDGA National Res. GCH Jr Buck
3X GCH Jr. Buck & 2X Res. GCH Jr. Buck out of 5 times shown

Sire: Twin Creeks WB Hero Of The Day *S
SS: ARMCH Goodwood Weisbaden ++*S 'E'
SD: Artist's Eye Kaleidoscope *D

Dam: Windy Hill Star of Love 2*D
DS: Green Gae Blue Exiguus *S 'E'
DD: Windy Hill Blue Star *D

Booker has a great pedigree, and both the udders in his pedigree and the strong conformation to go the distance. Booker's dam, Star, is one of our oldest does but still has a great udder with wonderful attachments. On his sire's side (Hero)--we have been very happy with what is in Hero's lines, too!

Because his dam was getting older, we  kept Booker for ourselves, as well as a 'Hero' replacement, as his sire isn't getting any younger, either. We look forward to the kids Booker will produce and  to showing him in the future.

The above picture is an udder shot of Booker's dam,  Windy Hill Star of Love 2*D

To view Booker's maternal sister, go to http://www.beaujest.net/html/nigerian_dwarf_senior_does/html
and scroll down to MCH/GCH Lost Valley BDC Blueberry Wine 3*D/1*M


Dam: Esperanze RF LaMadrina 1*D *M
DF Farms CA PhoenixRising
(pending AGS/NDGA)
DOB: 11/2009

Color: Buckskin, naturally polled


Dam: Esperanza RF LaMadrina 1*D *M 'V' 89
DS: PromisedLand LD Royal Flush *S
DD: MCH Experanza ZZ Feona

Phoenix is a very nice little buck out of a wonderful dam, Esperanza RF laMadrina (who unfortunately passed away after a difficult kidding with Phoenix and his sister) LaMadrina had her AR stars in AGS/NDGA/ADGA so this little man will be filled to the brim with milk!

We look forward to his contribution to our herd, and until we can get a picture of Phoenix to put here, we will put a picture of his lovely dam, LaMadrina, courtesy of Sharon Warren, www.desertnanny.com

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