Senior Doe:

Desertwinds Novelle
DOB: 01/07/08

TMGR Registered 4th generation
Reddish brown, blue eyes, gopher ears

Sire: Phantasma Blue Oyster Cult
SS: Phantasma Os Big Hunk
SD: Phantasma TA Camile

Dam: Desertwinds Nirvana
DS: Desertwinds Cusco
DD: Desertwinds Nadia

Grand Champion Jr. Doe

Nova is a lovely doe we got from our friends, Donna & Norm Geiser (Desertwinds). Nova is a nicely structured doe, who easily won her Jr. Grand Championship when shown, and we look forward to her contributions to our herd.

We kept one of her twin does, Hula, and have rebred Nova the same way for 2010 kids. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in kids from Nova (she has been bred to Desertwinds Boc Choy--the combo has proven to make for very dairy style kids. They will be 4th generation Mini Manchas).

Junior Does:

DFF BC Hula Dancer
DOB: 03/12/09

TMGR Registered 4th generation
Chamoisee with blue eyes and gopher ears

Sire: Desertwinds Boc Choy
SS: Phantasma Blue Oyster Cult
SD: Desertwinds DWJ Norrie

Dam: Desertwinds Novelle
DS: Phantasma Blue Oyster Cult
DD: Desertwinds Nirvana

Hula is another sweet Mini Mancha girl--that seems to be a trait I've noticed with my Manchas. Hula and her littermate sister, Isla, were little clones of each other, and they were a cross of breeding a paternal sister to a paternal brother.

I look forward to Hula maturing and seeing what she brings to the table for my Mini Mancha program. Both Hula's sire and dam have been shown and have show wins, and we are hoping she will follow in their footsteps.

DFF BC Apache Indian Maiden
DOB: 03/15/09

TMGR Registered F3 generation
Black and white with blue eyes

Sire: Desert Winds Boc Choy
SS: Phantasma Blue Oyster Cult
SD: Desertwinds DWJ Norrie

Dam: AFF Herd EJ Apache Tears
DS: Desertwinds EZ Rider
DD: AFF Herd Jewel of the Desert *P *D

Grand Champion Jr. Doe
Best in Show Jr. Doe

Indi is a beautiful girl, long and dripping dairy character. Indi is Bill's show goat for the Mini Manchas, and they made a great team when she was shown at the TMGC memorial Weekend Show.

We look forward to leeting her have a chance to group up and watching her continue to develop into a beautiful dairy doe and hopefully coming into the same beautiful udder her dam had!!

Dam of Oreo Cookie:
AFF Herd ET Cup Cake

DFF EDH Sheza Oreo Cookie
DOB: 03/17/09

TMGR Registered F1 generation
Black & white, polled with elf ears

Sire: DF Famrs NH Every Day Hero
SS: DF Farms HD National Hero
SD: Steele Ballew Fancy Face

Dam: AFF Herd ET Cup Cake
DS: Desertwinds EZ Ride
DD: Jolly Rogers Twinkie *D


Oreo (and her two littermate sisters) were a planned breeding to put some 'polled' into my Mini Mancha line. Oreo is a smaller doe, with nice sized rudimentary teats like her sister (but the other two sisters are fully eared like a Nigerian). Oreo and her sisters are currently for sale. Please inquire if you are interested.

If Oreo remains here, she will be bred later for winter 2010/spring 2011 kids. Cupcake, their dam, had an easy to milk udder and both sire and dam are show winners.

Reference Sire:

Desertwinds Boc Choy
DOB: 03/22/08

TMGR Registered F3 generation
Cou Clair with blue eyes, gopher ears

Sire: Phantasma Blue Oyster Cult
SS: Phantasma Os Big Hunk
SD:Phantasma TA Camile

Dam: Desertwinds DWJ Norrie
DS: Dream Weavers Joey
DD: Desertwinds Norweign Wood


Photo courtesy of Desertwinds
We were lucky enough to acquire Boc Choy to use here at the farm, and he gave us some very nice kids. Boc was a sweet boy, wonderful length of body, nice dairy character, and his dam has a lovely mammary system and milks well and over a prolonged lactation at her home - Desertwinds (Donna and Norm Geiser).

Boc Choy has gone back to Desertwinds to live, but he has been re-bred to Nova for spring 2010 kids before leaving. Boc Choy has been shown and did receive a Grand Champion win as an Intermediate buck while living with us. His sweet nature certainly has been shared by his kids!

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