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Broken MS Mohogany
DOB: 03/29/96
AMHA # A78791

Color: Bay
Height: 32.75"

Sire: Kamelots Prime Time A41037 Height 31.75"
SS: Kamelots Red Bamboo A10576 Height 31.5"
*DNA Tested*
SD: Kamelots Blizzard A21672 Height 33.0"

Dam: Wooden-Crest Lizebeth A03391 Height 33.0"
DS: Unknown
DD: Unknown

Mahogany-aka 'Hoggie" is a sweet brood mare, loves attention, but in the herd, she is the Queen Bee!! She is an easy foaler, and we appreciate that. As her name implies, she is an 'easy keeper' to say the least, and is on 'weight watchers' currently :)

Mahogany is all Kamelots breeding on the top, so she will produce nice little performance horses for you, if you are looking for a nice brood mare. Hoggie is also currently for sale. Please feel free to inquire if you are interested in this well-bred mare!

We would prefer to pair her with her stallion boyfriend Buddy, as the pair is quite bonded, but will certainly sell her separately to the right home - she thrives on attention and I think she'd be good for a home with kids to love on her also.

RM Robins Midnight Miracle
DOB: 04/16/02
AMHA # A133431
AMHR # 225555A

Color: Black

Sire: Silverleafs Cherokee Renegade  A103122
*DNA Tested*
SS: Diamond CS Rain Beau A70106  Height 32.75"
*DNA Tested*
SD: Lilliputs G G II Much Teasin A67603 Height 31.5"

Dam: Beards Rolling Hills Lady Alexander A82756
*DNA Tested*  Height 30"
DS: Rolling Hills Brandy Alexander A30863
*DNA Tested*  Height 30.25"
DD: Kraus Kings Julianne TR IT00382 Height 34"

Robin - aka 'Robbie' is a very shy but very sweet mare when you get to know her. She is hard to get a good picture of, but is a very refined pretty mare with a lovely head and great length of neck! She is all black in color, and has foaled three times unassisted and unwitnessed, with living foals each time.  Robbie has foaled twice for me, a colt and a pretty filly, and a lovely little colt for her previous owner.

As I am downsizing my mini horses, Robbie is currently available for sale to the right home - due to her shy personality, she needs a person who is gentle but firm, and has time and patience for her. I will be very picky with Robbie as to her new home, as I want it to be a good fit for both her and her new owner.

If you want a lovely little brood mare who foals like no tomorrow and would love a little diamond in the rough, Robbie is for you. Her daughter, Diva, is a drop dead gorgeous little mare. You will love her foals!

Buckeye WCF Eternal Flame (HOF)
DOB: 04/17/00

Color: Chestnut

Sire: Sweetwater's Fire Alert (HOF) Height 34.75"
SS: NFC Egyptian Kings Mistique Height 28.0"
SD:Sweetwaters Little Mona Lisa

Dam: Sweetwaters Silver Blue Height 34.0"
DS: CVF Dark Royal
DD: Hobby Horses Lady Blue Height 29.0"

Flame has won the following awards:
2000 Region II GC Mare
Region Jr. GC Mare
National Reserve GC Weanling Futurity Mare
2 National GC Top Ten Championships!
2005 Hall of Fame
2005 World National Grand Champion Mare

Flame is a mare that I was lucky to get from Teena Bagwell (and thanks, Teena!!) Flame is absolutely lovely in every way, and is a retired show mare who excelled in the show ring - and comes from a line of show horses. Flame's sire is Sweetwater's Fire Alert who is a HOF stallion and National Grand Champion stallion, among other wins.

Flame has foaled three times unassisted, and produces lovely foals. Her current 2009 colt is the spitting image of her, and would do well in the show ring too. Flame will probably be put into driving training in 2010, as I feel she will excel in that area, too.

Flame is a mare who gets colicky with her pregnancies, one of the telltale signs of pregnancy for her! She is a great mom, and I look forward to her future babies, and they will b e available to new homes as they come! If you want to get a little show horse, please consider a baby from Flame.

  Daystar's Miss Sheza Daisy
DOB: 04/30/02
AMHR # 235301A

Color: Sorrel Roan

Sire: North's Little Bit of Whiskey Height 30.0"
SS: Unregistered
SD: Unregistered

Dam: Gina's Diamond Height 36.5"
DS: Plumbar Dandy Height 32.5"
DD: Redrock's Dazzling 'N Diamonds Height 37.0"

'Didi' is one of my very first mini horse mares, and will be one of the last one's here too. I saw a head shot of her as a baby and fell in love with her lovely Arabian type head, not to mention she is conformationally correct, and has a wonderful length of neck to go with her pretty little head!

Didi had been shown locally in Texas as a weanling mare and always had placed in the top three per her previous owner.  Didi is just as lovely now as when I first saw her picture and to top it off, she foals like a dream!!

We are also hoping to put Didi into cart training this year, and she should be a very pretty picture indeed pulling a cart! If you like refined looks, this little mare has it all, and you will love her.

RT Dancer Exotica
DOB: 04/10/06
AMHR # 271911T

Color: Bay Pinto

Sire: (the one and only)
Flying W Farms Little Wardance 81636A 
Height 33.5"
SS: Flying W Farms Wardance  Height 29"
SD: Flying W Farms Matadors Moonflower
Height 31.0"

Dam: Buckeye WDF Foxy Eagle  217991A
Height 34.0"
DS: C-Chief Proud Eagle 74444A Height 33.25"
DD: RFM King Tuts Contessa 184978T

Pictured here is Tiki at the end of her driving training
(she's pudgy because she's in foal)

Tiki is another wonderful mini that I got from Teena Bagwell - thanks again Teena!! Although she can be a bit standoffish, she is coming around, but she prefers to hang out with her pasture buddies to us, most of the time. Tiki is drop-dead gorgeous, and moves like a dream! Tiki was put into driving training with Susan Mason in 2009, and she and Susan made a great team!! Tike was made to drive--and that's what we plan to do with her.

Tiki also had her first foal, and she foaled a lovely little colt named Nick unassisted in between checks--darn sneaky girls!! Tiki's sire is none other than Flying W Farms Little Wardance--if you know Little Wardance, she really is a little clone of her father!! She is bred for performance, and her maternal grandsire is C-Chief Proud Eagle--so talk about being bred to perform!! Tiki is Bill's driving horse, so now I have to get my own:)

Tiki will make us proud a she continues to mature. Look for lovely foals available in the future! AS you can see from Tiki's bloodlines, she is bred royally! On her dam's side, her grandsire is C-Chief Proud Eagle, who is a 1999 National Top Ten Pleasure Driving Stallion, and also has multiple regional driving and performance championships!

On the sire's side, she is sired by none other than the famous Flying W Farms Little Wardance!! Wardance is AMHA National Champion Stallion, actually a multiple National Champion and producer of several National Champions including a Reserve World Grand Champion. Wardance is an awesome stallion and his sons and daughters are highly prized in the miniature horse world. Her paternal grandsire Flying W Farms Wardance has produce a national Grand Champion also, so  looking good and performing well is in her blood!!

GAF She's Got Them Baby Blues
 (aka Athena)
DOB: 05/21/07
AMHR # 2833495T

Color: Silver Bay with blue eyes

Sire: Kobecks Charlie Brown 'Round Town
Height 31.75"
SS: Pauls little Chief Penny Height 28.0"
SD: Kobecks Summer Breeze Height 32.0"

Dam: Lot-A-Dot Dreamer Height 35.5"
DS: Honeywood's Rainman Height 27.5"
DD: Lot-A-Dot Marshmallow Height 36.0"

Athena is a little blue-eyed beauty! She was purchased in 2007 as a surprise Christmas present for Bill--to be his future driving horse--but she got to us with a severely sticking stifle when she got off the transport trailer and was put in a pen, so we thought anything but being a pasture buddy was all that she would be doing. Although we've had her for sale several times with much interest, no one has completed her sale.

Well, as Athena has matured, it looks like perhaps she has outgrown her locking stifle--it's been almost a year since she locked, so our plan will be for her to go into driving training later in 2010. She may well still be Bill's driving mare!!

Athena is drop-dead gorgeous, is leggy and refined and wows you with her deep blue eyes! We've got baby pics here of Athena for you to see....will get new pictures later this year!

Mini Horses - Stallions

Flying A's About Face (AMHR)
C&MS  Outlaw (AMHA)
DOB: 05/06/95

Color:  Silver Bay Stallion with bald face, stockings and blue eyes

Height: 28"

Sire: Meekers Splashtacular Height 32.0"
SS: Hobby Horses Patches Patchwork Height 31.5"
SD: Evans Susie Q Height 32.0"

Dam: Bo Derek Height 33.0"
DS: Johnstons Gold Bar Height 31.0"
DD: Heart Acres Priscilla Presley  Height 31.75"



'Buddy' as we call him, has been a wonderful stallion for us, and we are so glad to have him!! Although his registration papers list him as a sorrel, we believe his is silver bay, and believe he also carries the overo gene, due to his bald face, high white stockings and blue eyes, and also due to the babies he's produced with overo type markings!

Buddy is good with the mares and babies in pasture, and as a result, he lives with his mares and babies for the most part. Buddy hand and pasture breeds, and even though he's just a little guy at  ~28", he has pasture bred my mare who is ~35.5" tall, and they have a lovely colt togehter.

Buddy can be a little spunky, but I cut him some slack, because after all, he is a 'guy'. :)

If you are looking for a relatively easy stallion to handle for your breeding program, please feel free to inquire about Buddy. WE also have him offered in a 'pair' with his favorite mare Mahogany (aka Hoggie), as they are very attached and we would like for them to stay together if possible. Buddy has been an absolute pleasure to own, so thanks to David and Lara Pier of B'Dazzled Farms for letting Buddy come to live with us.

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