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Mini Cattle For Sale

DFF Prakaashpaanav
Bull Calf
DOB: 10/31/10

Sire: BMW Mickey
Dam: DFF Maya

Price $500.00

DFF Sandy's Baadal
Bull Calf
DOB: 09/30/10

Sire: BMW Mickey
Dam: DFF Weezie's Anamola

Price $500.00

DFF Manahusa
Heifer Calf
DOB: 12/07/10

Sire: BMW Mickey
Dam: SBF Laalamani

Price $1,500.00



Pygmy Goats For Sale

Dragonflye Farms Rasinette
DOB: 02/04/08
Black Agouti Doe

Rasinette is a sweet little pygmy doe for sale as a pet only. We don't believe her to be breedable. She would make an awesome pet/companion or 4-Her goat. Please contact us if 

Dragonflye Farms Kount Chokula
DOB: 02/06/09
Brown Agouti Buck

Kount is the perfect little buck for those breeding for 'ease of kidding'. This boy is the product of maternal siblings, bred specifically to intensify the easy kidding that Kount's granddam, Coco Puffs, always had. Kount is also a nice little 'chocolate' color, so a litlle 'eye candy' in the color arena. We have Kount's dam, sire and his littermate sister, so Kount is available to a new home.


Mini Horses For Sale

Broken MS Mahogany

32.75" Bay Brood Mare
DOB: 03/29/96

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RM Robins Midnight Miracle

Black AMHA registered mare
DOB: 04/16/02

Click here for more information

DFF Sheza Daytime Diva

AMHR/AMHA Eligible/Pending
DOB: 09/05/08
Color: Grey with one blue eye

When Diva was born, she hit the world running and was a natural born Diva!! She is pretty as the day is long and has a beautiful dishy little head and one blue eye that catches you and holds your gaze! Diva knows the world revolves around her, just ask her :)

Diva got her pretty looks from her dam, RM Robins' Midnight Miracle and her sire, Flying A's About Face. Diva is eligible for AMHA/AMHR registry and is currently for sale, so if you are interested in a pretty refined filly who will mature less than 34" tall, please inquire about her before I change my mind! Picture coming in the future.

Flying A's About Face

AMHA/AMHR Silver Bay Stallion with blue eyes
DOB: 05/06/95

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Also available 2-2009 colts and 1 filly

Bay minimal overo colt: Sire: Buddy , Dam: Tiki (AMHR/AMHA eligible)

Chestnut with blaze colt. Sire: Buddy, Dam: Flame (AMHR eligible)

Bay overo filly with 2 blue eyes, very small! Sire: Buddy, Dam: Didi (AMHR eligible)

Please feel free to inquire on any of these 2009 babies who are available with or without their registry applications (prices vary)

Contact Bev at

Nigerian Dwarf Bucks & Wethers For Sale

DF Farms EDH Miracle Man
DOB: 03/04/09

Max is for sale and combines some outstanding bloodlines. His dam, Abby, is sired by Weisbaden and is out of PGCH/MCH Half Pint Flora, and his sire is also a show winner, and a Weisbaden grandson, so this is a line breeding on Weisbaden.

If you might be interested in Max, please feel free to contact us. Max is offered at a reducd price currently to help us reduce our # of bucks.

Odds Are NH ImaAllAmericanHero
DOB: 02/08/09

Mini Me is a perfect replica of his sire, Nate. He has wonderful breeding, with his dam being Lost Valley RTW Jade (out of MCH Lost Valley Ride the Wave X Lost Valley KW Fit'N Temptation).

Mini Me came to us as a wonderful gift for Bill, but as we've gotten his sire back and are trying to downsize the boys, we are offering Mini Me to a new home. Please feel free to inquire if you might be interested.

DF Farms CW Ulysses S. Grant
(NDGA Registered, AGS Application)
DOB: 04/05/09

Ulysses is a structurally correct buckskin buck who sands on outstanding feet/legs, has nice width throughout, and adequate body length. Hi dam, Pralinz-N-Cream is one of our show does, who has wins in both AGS/NDGA, and is a structurally correct doe who passes that onto all of her kids.

His sire, Civil War, also excels in structure. We feel this boy has lots of power, with enough good attributes to add to his next herd. Ulysses will be bred to a few does in the spring 2010 if he is still here.

Ulysses is offered for a discounted price currently to help us move some bucks into new homes.

DF Farms BB Northern Polar Lights
DOB: 04/02/08

Res. GCH Wether - NDGA

'BB' is a great little wether and has been a nice wether in the show ring too. If you would love a friendly little guy who is already weathered and doesn't have horns, or want a nice little show weather, this is your guy!

He is sired by MCH Rosasharn B'Udder Boy *S and out of a doe of our breeding, DF Farms JD ArouraBorealis (who we have sold, a former show doe for us).

DF Farms CA The Joker
DOB: 03/16/09

For more info on 'Joker' click here

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